Welcome to WHIP!  Check out our Projects and Partner pages where you can learn more about the important work we do.  You can always contact us at 715-369-9886, or you can reach our Coordinator at rpage19@gmail.com.  Thanks for visiting! 

Come to our Annual Meeting on March 20, 2019 in the Town of Woodruff! see our flyer. 

WHIP's fiscal agent is Lumberjack RC&D Council, Inc.,  a multi-county, nonprofit in Northeastern WI with offices in Rhinelander.  The Lumberjack group strives to enhance area natural resources, promote a higher standard of living and improve the quality of life for area citizens by fostering partnerships between public and private sectors and strategically investing in area natural resources.  See more at www.lumberjackrcd.org !


WHIP is one of 12 Cooperative Invasive Species Management Areas (CISMAs) across the state (there are many more nationwide), who work with partner groups to manage invasive species across jurisdictional boundaries.  Our CISMA serves Oneida and Vilas Counties in north-central Wisconsin.  

WHIP is run by a Coordinator and a Steering Committee of representatives from our 15 Formal Partners, ranging from citizen groups to different levels of government agencies to environmental schools.  

The Wisconsin Headwaters Invasives Partnership (WHIP) is dedicated to the conservation of the native species, habitats and landscapes of Oneida and Vilas Counties in north-central Wisconsin. WHIP recognizes the threat of invasive species and will work cooperatively to provide education, monitoring and invasive species control.