A NEW MOU for the next five years...

The Wisconsin Headwaters Invasives Partnership (WHIP) was formed in 2010 with our first group of formal partners signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).  We are proud to say that we have grown to include 16 formal Partners, a Coordinator, Action Teams, and many more informal partners and volunteers.  Support from our partners has been extremely important as we work towards accomplishing our mission of protecting our native species by battling the invasive ones.  We value our partnerships and ability to cooperate on projects across jurisdictional boundaries, and we have maintained our excellent working relationship with our fiscal agent the Lumberjack RC&D Council.  Grants remain our major form of funding, and since forming we have worked with our partners to secure approximately $223,555 in grants to support local invasive species projects and create jobs. 

This year, we are renewing our MOU for another five years and requesting updated Partner Signatures.  The new MOU document remains the same except for the addition of Lincoln County as a new Partner!.  Keep in mind the MOU is not a legal-binding document; rather, it is an expression of support and mutual cooperation toward a shared purpose.  Once initiated, the new MOU will be active until 2026.

If you are a partner of ours, we sincerely hope you will continue with WHIP for another five years.  You can view the updated MOU below, and make sure that the contact information is correct on the signatory page you have received over email.  Return the form to our coordinator at rpage19@gmail.com or mail it back to us at 315 S. Oneida Ave, Rhinelander, WI, 54501.

If you are a new group hoping to partner with us, get in touch!  We welcome the chance to see how we could collaborate.  Click for MOU:

To discuss further or ask us any questions about the new MOU or the signatory process, contact us any time.

Rosie Page,  WHIP Coordinator