Garlic Mustard Control 

This project is supported by a grant award from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Private Forest Grant Program- Weed Management Area category, which funds Cooperative Invasive Species Management Areas, like our group.

With this funding, WHIP has been able to carry out inventory in the northern part of Vilas County, searching for additional sites of Garlic Mustard, an invasive understory herbaceous plant (Alliaria petiolata), followed by control using both herbicide application and hand-pulling.  This has been a significant project in strengthening our relationship with private landowners in a part of the state where Garlic Mustard is a local problem on many privately-owned woodlands, threatening native wildflowers such as Trillium and spring lilies.

Part of this project involved an excellent cooperative partnership with our formal WHIP Partner Conserve School.  These students donated many hours of their Community Service Day, in order to volunteer their time with hand-pulling Garlic Mustard plants from a private property in Phelps, WI.  Garlic Mustard responds well to hand-pulling and the group removed hundreds of thousands of seeds from the soil, which in time will lead to a more diverse forest floor and a healthier local ecology.  See our photos below for a glimpse, and check our new Landowner Brochure related to Garlic Mustard!!